5 Top tips for amazing shopfitting displays

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All retailers should realize that their shopfitting displays have a huge impact on their sales. This goes for smaller retailers too, not just the larger ones. Display your products in the right way, and take the time to set up displays that will make your shop attractive and eye-catching to the customer passing by. Check out these tips for amazing shopfitting displays to promote your merchandise and increase your sales.

Use your window, shelf and stock displays effectively.

5 Top tips for amazing shopfitting displays

A window display is extremely important as it can gain the attention of potential customers. These likely customers need something to stand-out to catch their eye and in turn, draw them into the store. Make your shop window one that people will remember.

Shelf displays can be particularly effective in driving sales. Always place the most attractive items where they can be seen clearly, and place the most profitable items at eye level.

Stock displays are an ideal way to group together related products. This will encourage add-on sales of extra items. People might not realise that they need/want these items until they see them. The most effective stock displays will consist of a couple of specifically chosen and the most profitable items. Don’t over crowd it!

Establish an overall theme for your displays

Instead of having all non-related displays, establish an overall theme for all the displays in your store. Decide on a theme to match your brand. This will give your shop a coordinated look that will differentiate it from the others selling similar products. Your theme will be determined by the customers you are hoping to attract and the type of products you sell.

Avoid clutter in your displays

Don’t overcrowd your displays with too many items. This won’t look attractive, and will make it harder for customers to see the items clearly. Because most people find clutter unappealing, a few carefully chosen items are far better than too many items placed disorderly. A chaotic shopfitting display will not draw the right sort of attention and defeats the purpose of having a display in the first place.

“Borrow” display ideas

You will find some very innovative display ideas if you simply look around at the other shops. Of course, don’t outright copy their ideas, but their displays should give you inspiration for generating your own. You can see what you like, and also what you don’t.

The vendor displays at trade shows and trade magazines will give you some great ideas also.

Hire an expert

If creating shopfitting displays isn’t your thing, you can always hire a professional shopfitter to do this for you. A professional shopfitting service can help you by providing top tips for amazing shopfitting displays.

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